Napoleon B. Viser

b. circa 1824, d. 27 May 1852
  • Napoleon B. Viser was born circa 1824 in Mississippi.
  • He married Bethenia Tennessee Hardeman, daughter of D. Hardeman and Sarah Ann Nicholson, circa 1851.
  • Ann Lewis Hardeman wrote in her diary on 2 June 1851: Received a letter fom my bror D from N.O. all well--a Newspaper containing the marriage notice of my dear Bethenia which was celebrated on the 29h of April 1851 to Dr Napoleon B. Viser--they seem to be highly pleased---hope they will do well---he writes despondingly about his picuniary affairs--my dear nieces Sally and Bethenia are now married. May God bless them & prosper them in all things. -- & make them good wives & a blessing to their husbands---Sally has a little girl Ellen Lewis Hardeman. Not quite a year old a very interesting child. [From An Evening When Alone: Four Journals of Single Women in the South, 1827-67.]
  • His wife Bethenia Tennessee Hardeman became a widow at his death.
  • Napoleon B. Viser died on 27 May 1852.
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Family: Bethenia Tennessee Hardeman b. 29 September 1832, d. April 1901