Anna Walter

b. 2 July 1770, d. 15 August 1795
  • Anna Walter was born on 2 July 1770 in Suppingen, Württemberg. Translated aus den evangelischen Kirchenbücher der Suppingen: Born and baptized on the 2nd Januar 1770, Anna, daughter of Johann Adam Walter, Citizen and Farmer, and his wife Ursula née Mayerin. Sponsors were Friedrich Wegst, Juryman, and Rosina Auterwirth, unmarried, represented by her mother Margaretha, wife of Georg Autenwirth, Farmer.
  • She married Balthasar Weiler, son of Balthasar Weiler and Anna Maria Bonacker, on 27 October 1789 in Ennabeuren, Württemberg. Translated aus den evangelischen Kirchenbücher der Ennabeuren: After three proclamations, got matrimonially blessed into the status of marriage on Tuesday, 27 Oktober 1789, after the sermon on Pro. XVIII, 22, Balthasar Weiler, Citizen-to-be, legitimate unmarried son of Balthasar Weiler, Citizen and Carpenter at this place, and Anna Maria, and Anna, legitimate unmarried daughter of Johann Adam Walther, Farmer and eldest Judge in Suppingen, and Ursula..
  • Anna Walter died on 15 August 1795 at age 25 in Ennabeuren, Württemberg, . Translated aus den evangelischen Kirchenbücher der Ennabeuren: On 15 August 1795, after three o'clock in the afternoon, easily and peacefully gave up her ghost, Anna Weiler, wife of the local Carpenter, after having had to stay in bed for a long time. She was no more able to speak for several weeks. Her funeral was celebrated on the 17th of this month, with the sermon on John, chapter 2 verse 17. May God give her the eternal rest.
  • Balthasar Weiler became a widower at her death.
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Family: Balthasar Weiler b. 20 October 1764, d. 1 November 1834