Maria Josephina Luise Theresia Schwab

b. 18 May 1842, d. 29 June 1918
  • Maria Josephina Luise Theresia Schwab was born on 18 May 1842 in Freiburg, Baden.
  • She was known as Josephina.
  • Maria Josephina Luise Theresia Schwab was living in Gerlachsheim, Baden, prior to her marriage.
  • She married Friedrich Ludwig Vorwerk, son of Johann Carl Friedrich Ludwig Vorwerk and Friederike Häbel, on 1 April 1861 in Speyer, Rheinpfalz.
  • Maria Josephina Luise Theresia Schwab became a widow at the 19 August 1905 death of her husband Friedrich Ludwig Vorwerk.
  • Josephina Vorwerk visited Niagara Falls in 1905, two months after the death of her husband, departing Cuxhaven on 28 October aboard the Hamburg-Amerika Linie Steamship Moltke, and arriving in the port of New York on 8 November. She was accompanied on the voyage by her son-in-law Eugene Laurier. Josephina's nephew Oskar Schwamberger was master of the Moltke a few years later.
  • A photograph taken during 1906 of the Vorwerk and Laurier families celebrates the birth of Frederick Augustus Vorwerk. Josephina Schwab Vorwerk, mother of August Vorwerk and Friederika Vorwerk Laurier, also appears in the photo, having arrived in the US in November 1905 for an extended visit following the death of her husband Friedrich in August 1905. Pictured are Carl Laurier, Josephina Vorwerk, Elizabeth Kammerer Vorwerk, Friedericka Vorwerk Laurier holding infant Frederick, and Eugene Laurier. August Vorwerk likely was the photographer.
  • The following is a translation of the inscription on the reverse of the photographic portrait of Friedrich Vorwerk: "August and Elizabeth from their tenderly loving Mama. Speyer, 8 December 1906."
  • Maria Josephina Luise Theresia Schwab died on 29 June 1918 at age 76 in Speyer, Rheinpfalz.
  • Photographs of present-day Speyer.
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Family: Friedrich Ludwig Vorwerk b. 12 July 1830, d. 19 August 1905